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How Clear Correct® Aligners Work

How Clear Correct® Aligners Work

Clear Correct® uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth. This treatment is available to both teenagers and adults. Clear Correct treats orthodontic conditions such as overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps between the teeth.

With the help of your photographs, radiographs, and impressions that your dentist will take, will help create a 3D model of your teeth. Using molding technology and digital mapping the computer creates custom aligners to be fixed on your teeth.

Why Many People Prefer Clear Aligners

  • It is almost invisible

  • You can eat whatever you want

  • When brushing or flossing there are no obstructions

  • Remote monitoring options

How It Works

Clear Correct treatment comprises four phases of aligner therapy. Each phase comes with a new set of aligners that should be worn for a period of three weeks. The time between every phase promotes flexibility and control.

Clear aligners braces should be worn every time except when you are drinking, eating, flossing, or brushing. These aligners are hardly noticed and they don’t have any impact on your daily schedule.

You will notice the results soon after wearing the aligners. This is because your teeth slowly start to adjust and align to achieve the desired smile.

Periodic check-ups are also necessary as the dentist usually evaluates your progress so that he can give you another set of aligners. This sequence continues until your goal is achieved.

Depending on the degree of your misalignment and your condition the treatment time varies between one to two years. The treatment options available are three:

  • Unlimited – This treatment provides the patients with all the aligners they require to complete their treatment.

  • Limited 12 – The patients are given twelve sets of aligners only.

  • Limited 6 – Six sets of aligners are issued to the patients.

Clear CorrectVs Metal Braces

1. Clear Correct Is Faster Than Metal Braces

A set Clear Correct aligner is worn for at least two weeks. The average treatment uses about twenty to twenty-four sets of aligners, and therefore most of these treatments are done within a year. However, some may take eighteen months.

Braces take eighteen months to give orthodontic results. In some cases, patients have to wear braces for three years. Clear Correct is a faster treatment compared to metal braces.

2. Clear Correct Is More Comfortable

Clear Correct aligners are made using dental-grade plastic that is smooth and designed to fit over your teeth perfectly. Unlike Clear Correct, metal braces have uncomfortable brackets or wires that may irritate your mouth. Their adjustments and tightening are also painful.

3. Your Diet

Metal braces have restrictions on certain types of food because the metalwork can be damaged or the brackets might become lodged. Clear Correct is removable, allowing you to continue with your regular diet and maintain dental hygiene.

4. Oral Health And Cleaning

At times the brackets of metal braces may trap food particles and this may lead to plaque accumulation and tooth discoloration. With Clear Correct you just take the aligners out when eating or cleaning your teeth.

5. Free Time And Aesthetics

Everyone desires more free time. Patients under the Clear Correct treatment take lesser time than the ones taking metal braces treatment. Clear Correct dental visits are to monitor the patient’s progress and provide them with a progressive series of aligners while metal braces frequent visits to the dentist are for adjustments.

Metal braces are attached to the teeth and adjusted from time to time, and the braces will be removed when the treatment is done. It might also interfere with your speaking, unlike Clear Correct which has no inconveniences.

Before you start the treatment, you should talk to your dentist or orthodontist first to ensure that the treatment is right for you. For Clear Correct to work you need to wear the aligners for at least twenty-two hours in a day.

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